Large Format Color

When you think Large Format Color, think MS Dallas!

MS Dallas offers near photo-quality color printing at up to 600 dpi on a wide variety of media.  We use the latest technologies in RIPs and color calibration to insure that we provide the highest quality imaging available.

MS Dallas offers inks and media that are resistant to UV fading and our Giclee’ Fine Art Reproductions are second to none.  Currently, we can produce images up to 60" wide by any manageable length onto heavy-weight bond, matte or gloss photo papers, artists’ canvas, watercolor paper, vinyl, backlit film and more.  Our large-format graphics are excellent for a variety of uses, including;

• Posters
• Banners
• Backlit Signs
• Courtroom Graphics
• Trade Show Graphics
• Point-of-Purchase Displays
• Fine Art Reproductions

Bond Printing & Plotting


Our Oce’ printers offer an integrated printing solution for the entire reprographic process, from multi-format input to finished sets.  M-prints™ can be made from your digital files or scanned and printed from your original drawings or both.  At MS Dallas we have the know-how to compile your most complex jobs and save you time.  M-prints™ are today's most productive solution for generating and distributing large format engineering documentation.

• Originals up to 36” wide by any manageable length.
• Print on bond, vellum and mylar with no intermediate and no ammonia smell.
• Copy, Scan and Print up to 400 dpi.
• Accepts digital files in the following formats:  PLT, PDF, TIF and CAL.
• Up to 750 D-size prints per hour per machine.
• Scan directly to TIF, CAL and PDF formats.
• Unlike diazo, M-prints™ are recyclable and we actively recycle our waste prints.

MS Dallas also offers complete document management services utilizing our PlanWell archiving and on-line plan-room system.  This powerful tool allows you to track your project from design through completion.

Document Scanning


MS Dallas has the scanning solution you need to take back your office space from those old manuals and drawings that you used to pay to store off-site.  Electronic files could be the answer to your archiving needs.

Imagine an entire library of documents stored on a single network drive that is accessible by everyone who needs it in your office.  Let us scan your historical construction projects to file and catalog them with our powerful PlanWell Document Management System.
• Scan directly to Adobe PDF format.
• Scan double-sided documents in single pass.
• High-speed monochrome scanning at 400dpi.
• High-speed color scanning at 400 dpi.
• Scanned documents burned to CD or DVD.
• Oversized originals can be scanned and inserted into documents.
• OCR services available.

Mounting & Laminating


You spend a lot of time making sure your graphics come out just right.  From design time to the final print you have a big investment in your project, so let MS Dallas help you protect and enhance the final printed piece.

MS Dallas stocks a wide range of finishing services to help put the final touches on your job. We offer substrates such as Gator, Foamcore and  Sintra, and when combined with our wide range of laminates and varnishes your prints are protected from dust, moisture and UV light at the same time.

Let us help you pick the right process to ensure that the final product is just what you envisioned when you began the design process.

B&W/Color Copying


Color Laser Copies provide a quality and economical way to reproduce your original artwork, photos or other color documents as well as print directly from your digital files.  Color gives your business reports and presentations that extra punch.  They are ideal for short-run applications or for documents that you update too often to print in larger quantities.

MS Dallas also provides all the B&W copying/printing services your business needs.  Whether it be quarterly reports, training manuals or construction specifications, we have the experience and the equipment to get the job done.

Finishing Options
• Plastic comb binding
• 3-hole drilling
• Color coil binding
• 3-ring binders
• Aluminum Screw post binding
• Custom tabs
• Wirobinding
• Clear acetate covers

On-Site Printing

MS Dallas offers a full line of on-site printing and scanning services. Contact out sales team today to find out how we can streamline your in-house facility needs.